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13 rules of Ishmael

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13 rules of Ishmael


Now the Seven Rules of Hillel are of great importance to Nazarenes because:
''They were first penned by Hillel BEFORE Messiah's coming''
''They are used by Messiah and other NT writers.''
''Paul speaks of "rightly dividing the word" and since he was a student of Gamliel (grandson of Hillel) and since he used the seven rules of Hillel, it appears that "rightly dividing" refered at least in part, to the seven rules of Hillel.''
Now the 13 rules of Ishmael were first penned by Ishmael AFTER the first century (though they likely existed long before they were penned). However, they are important to us none the less for two reasons:

'They seem to have some intrinsic value.''
''We must be able follow the reasoning of the Rabbis of the Mishna and the Talmud who often rely o­n these rules.&

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The Sages have said:

I may remark then, that our Rabbis with one voice accept and affirm the opinion that the prophet is speaking of the King Messiah, and we ourselves shall adhere to the same view.

— Rabbi Mosheh El-Sheikh
[Rabbi Mosheh El-Sheikh regarding Yesha’yahu 53 in the Tanakh]